The purpose of the “Understanding Families” module is for trainees to develop a framework for understanding the family journey of raising a child with hearing loss or hearing concerns as well as the relationship of support with the pediatric audiologist.


Learning Objectives

As a result of completing this module, trainees will  gain an understanding of:

  • the unique family journeys of raising a child who is DHH as they progress through the stages of acknowledgement, addressing and advocacy
  • how families differ in: resistance, resources, resiliency
  • how culture, health and social factors impact families’ approaches to raising children and dealing with hearing loss
  • how the audiologist’s relationship with the family involves partnering and unconditional support
  • your own culture, your perspectives on families and best practices of raising a child who is deaf or hard of hearing (DHH)


Assignments for Seminar

Trainees will be prepared to discuss the following topics/questions during the seminar:

    • Families
      • What are some “jewels” to remember from your readings that can help you understand families’ perspectives?
    • Audiologist role
      • What are some “jewels” to remember from your readings that can help you in your role as an audiologist supporting families?
    • Yourself
      • How does your family of origin culture impact your view of families you work with?
      • What are your biases about “best family practices” for raising a child who is DHH?
      • How comfortable are you in your role with families?


Learning objectives


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