Photo: LEND Trainees Training

UW LEND enrolls 21-35 trainees annually to participate in a 9-month interdisciplinary, leadership program. Trainees are graduate students, post-graduate fellows, mid-career community health professionals, families and self-advocates from at least 16 different disciplines.  Trainees participate in:

  • Interdisciplinary clinical practice
  • Didactic seminars and leadership workshops
  • Leadership experiences in the community
  • Self-directed activities
  • Leadership project

Each trainee has a UW LEND Faculty mentor and works collaboratively with their cohort of trainees. Modest stipends as available to trainees.

Pride Graphic for UW MedicineUW LEND prioritizes enrollment of diverse trainees. To include diversity in education, ethnicity, race, gender, gender identity or expression, economics, geographic location, spirituality and religion, and health status.

Trainee Disciplines:
Behavioral Analysis
Genetic Counseling
Medicine – Adult
Medicine – Pediatric
Occupational Therapy
Physical Therapy
Public Health
Social Work
Special Education
Speech Language-Pathology
And others


Long Term Trainees commit to three or more academic quarters and complete ≥ 300 hours of training.  Trainees may participate from distance.

  • Clinical or Public Health Trainee: Individuals representing a variety of health, education, and public health fields who are enrolled in graduate or post-graduate programs or are mid-career professionals.
  • Family Trainee:  Family members of a neurodiverse individual who work side by side with UW LEND faculty and trainees as both a teacher and a learner.  Learn More.
  • Self-Advocate Trainee: Neurodiverse individuals who bring their personal experience and point of view to work side by side with UW LEND faculty and trainees as both a teacher and a learner.  Learn More. 
  • Satellite Site Trainees: UW LEND supports two satellite sites in central and eastern WA to expand the geographic reach of LEND training. UW LEND partners with Yakima Children’s Village in Yakima, WA and Northwest Autism Center in Spokane, WA.   


MEDIUM TERM and SHORT TERM TRAINING opportunities available. 

Where Pediatric Clinical Care and Leadership Training Intersect

Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental and Related Disabilities