UW LEND Audiology Faculty

  • Lisa Mancl, MS, CCC-A
    Lisa Mancl, MS, CCC-A Audiologist

Overview of UW LEND Audiology Program

The University of Washington Audiology Externship is a collaboration between the Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental Disabilities (LEND) program at the Center on Human Development and Disability (CHDD) and the UW Speech and Hearing Clinic (SPHC). Audiology externs will have the opportunity to focus on developing clinical skills with both pediatric (CHDD) and adult (SPHC) populations.

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Details about the UW LEND Audiology Externship and Application Process

Center on Human Development and Disability

The CHDD provides a wide range of services to infants, children, and adolescents including comprehensive diagnostic evaluations using behavioral hearing assessments, otoacoustic emissions, middle ear measures, and brainstem auditory evoked brainstem response testing.  Infants and children are fit with hearing aids and receive regular follow-up at CHDD; externs are involved in selection, fitting, verification, and outcome measures. Externs will participate in a number of CHDD interdisciplinary teams for children with developmental disabilities and special health needs: Child Development Clinic, Infant Development Follow-up Clinic, Down Syndrome Specialty Clinic, Cardiac Neurodevelopment Clinic, and Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Clinic. Externs are enrolled in the UW LEND traineeship; the LEND program promotes leadership, research skills, and clinical expertise in graduate level health care professionals who intend to devote their careers to working with children, youth and adults with developmental disabilities. Audiology LEND Externs collaborate with other trainees in speech-language pathology, psychology, social work, physical therapy, occupational therapy, nursing, and developmental pediatrics. Leadership skills are developed through clinical practicum, continuing education, participation in community organizations, advocacy projects, and a mentored leadership project.

CHDD Faculty

Lisa Mancl, M.S., CCC-A


UW Speech and Hearing Clinic

The UW Speech and Hearing Clinic provides traditional audiological assessments, including behavioral hearing assessments, otoacoustic emissions, and middle ear measures; hearing aid selection, fitting, verification, and follow-up with validation measures; hearing conservation; and aural rehabilitation for the adult population. Externs will develop independent diagnostic and management skills and will be introduced to the content and practice of clinical education through mentored supervision of undergraduate students. Externs may also participate in specialty programs, such as tinnitus education group classes, the refurbished hearing aid program, and community outreach.

SPH Clinic Faculty

Susan Anderson, AuD: sjander@uw.edu

Lisa Illich, M.C. S.D: lillich@uw.edu


UW LEND Traineeship

The UW LEND Audiology Externship is a graduate level interdisciplinary training program that prepares 4th year AuD students to:

  • Assume leadership roles in their respective fields
  • Provide high level interdisciplinary clinical care for children with neurodevelopmental disabilities and their families
  • Become strong advocates for policies to optimize the life course of individuals with neurodevelomental disabilties
  • Meet the UW LEND Leadership Competencies

UW LEND is one of 52 LEND programs in the United States. The UW LEND Audiology program is one of 12 LEND sites that receives funding from the Maternal and Child Health Bureau. LEND programs serve the core purpose of:

  • Family-centered care, putting families and their concerns first
  • Interdisciplinary care, building relationships among family, professionals, and community service providers
  • Cultural competency, recognizing, respecting, and celebrating diversity
  • Health and disability, promoting health and meaningful life participation for all children
  • Leadership, developing trust and common vision with others to affect action and system change

UW LEND Audiology Trainees

Emily Muffett (Syracuse University)
Maritza Zaldivar-Lima (Pacific University)
Alix Moody (Louisiana State University)
Ariana Ernotte (Pacific University)
Maribeth Collins (U of TX-Austin)
Kasey O’Hara (U of TX-Austin)
Nicole (Jahng) Diebag (UW)
Jessica Juozapaitis (UW)
Katie Langford (UW)
Moira McShane (UW)
Senia Romero (U of Colorado)
Jenna Sawafta (U of North Carolina)
Makayla Bradford (UW)
Josh Cheung (UW)
Kuki Moku-Paiva (UW)
Elisabeth Went (UW)
Sheridan Frank (UW)
Gina Hone (UW)
Cori John (UW)
Alice Kuang (UW)
Community: Alyssa Ferhringer, Jessy Noblitt (Idaho State University)
Grace Chang (UW)
Annie Duchen (UW)
Adrienne Grey (UW)
Casey Heidhorn (UW)
Claire (Jordan) Mayer-Jordan (UW)
Diana Chagoya (UW)
Chelsey (DeMuro) Caprine (UW)
Lindsay (Pruett) Schlobohm (UW)
Cory Scott (UW)
Erin Stewart (UW)
Emily Bates (UW)
Christina Carrano (UW)
Kelsie Fisch (UW)
Anne (Jenkins) Van Gaver (UW)
Karen Harris (UW)
Jessica King (UW)
Sarah Levy (UW)
Community: Alexandra Parbery-Clark
Sara Elshafei (UW)
Regina (Escano) Zappi (UW)
Alasia Fate (UW)
Libbey (Brown) Gollhofer (UW)
Homira Osman (UW)
Shelby Atwill (UW)
Josh Olmstead (UW)
Sarah Shepherd (UW)
Laura Steinmetz (UW)
Brandy (Chance) Stephens (UW)
Jayme Fellores (UW)
Shivani Patel (UW)
Ashley (Timboe) Schmitz (UW)
Katie (Borgmann) Nathe (UW)
Stephanie Giaquinto (UW)
Lindsey Melvin (UW)
Where Pediatric Clinical Care and Leadership Training Intersect
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