Leadership Project Presentation

Introduction to UW LEND Leadership Projects

UW LEND Trainees are required to complete a leadership project under the guidance of their faculty mentor or other UW LEND faculty.  Examples of leadership projects: 

  • Project that fulfills the trainee’s academic thesis or dissertation or research requirement
  • Pilot research study
  • Survey research for a needs study, assess quality of service, measure client satisfaction
  • Develop a product or resource for use in clinical service or training

Choose a topic and project that you are excited about. Consider working on a project with a small team of trainees. Interdisciplinary collaboration is encouraged.

Trainees present their projects at the UW LEND Leadership and Research Seminar on the first Monday in June. Trainees have the option to present their project as a short oral 10-12 minute presentation or as a professional poster.

Leadership Project Timeline

  • Identify leadership project and your project team as appropriate
  • Complete literature review
  • Submit leadership project survey response: title and abstract (link)
  • Prepare poster or PowerPoint slides
  • Practice presenting with fellow trainees and faculty mentor


Oral Presentation with Slides


Professional Poster Presentation


Archived UW LEND Leadership and Research Symposium Brochure

Where Pediatric Clinical Care and Leadership Training Intersect